Will Wharton

About Will

Born in St. Paul Minnesota, Will Wharton (Good Boy William) is a new media artist living in Los Angeles. Receiving his B.A. in Design | Media Arts at UCLA, he has exhibited his pieces at The UCLA Broad Art Center, The New Wright Gallery, Pauley Pavilion, and various dingy warehouses throughout Los Angeles.

My Work

I personally believe that my work tells a very important story about the future. Much of my work is inspired by the natural world and the strange and funny creatures that we share our planet with. Many of these pieces explore surreal digital ecosystems. As the world goes more and more digital, I’m curious what our conceptions of the natural world will look like in these spaces. How will these organisms look and function? What do their life cycles look like? And most importantly, what can these explorations teach us about our relationship to the natural world we inhabit? 
My hope is to hold up a digital mirror to nature, reflecting its beauty and complexity. If we don’t end up saving the natural world, I will have hoped to preserve some of its essence in these works, so that people of the future may experience what I experienced laying beneath the trees of a forest.  

My process

Wharton uses a variety of different mediums from projected video and 3D printed sculpture to virtual reality spaces and performed audio visual works. His goal it to set an example of exploring new technology to unlock its artistic potential. Wharton seeks to pose interesting questions, create new worlds and explore our humanity.

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